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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Random Thought Before Bed

I must confess that these thoughts just seem to come completely out of nowhere tonight. I guess that is what happens during the time in which you'd like to be in bed but then decided that since you took all of your pills right before wanting to climb into bed that you should wait a little while to try and get the last pee in first....

Now that I've gotten the personal information out of the way we can finally get down to business.

For no apparent reason tonight I was thinking about something from my past that I confess that I have fallen victim to- sometimes liking your girlfriend's best friend more than you liked your girlfriend. Do you know what I'm talking about? It is a very strange and uncomfortable position to be in, but I've been there; and it didn't really matter either way.

It's not like this was a regular occurrence with me, it just happened once in a while. Since I'm fairly sure that they don't read my blog, and since this is all water under the bridge now I'll go ahead and name the names that I remember.

I first remember "going with" Charleen when I was 14 [that was not an intentional rhyme] but she had this friend named "Peaches" that I found myself looking at a little too often.

Then I remember when I was dating Trisha, she had this friend named Diane that I thought was really groovy.

OK, so I admit that all of 2 times is probably the extent of this and so I've made something out of nothing. It is just something that jumped into my mind because I thought that a topic like that might make for interesting material for a song of some type; but I didn't know if I necessarily wanted to be the one to try and write it. How do you write a song like that to admit such a thing without it coming off as something vindictive? I don't know either.

I do know now though that suddenly I feel really warm and I finally have to pee.


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