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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


How many blog posts start out by me saying how worn out I am? Well, I can't break tradition with this one...

I spent most of the weekend working. I worked and worked, and then worked some more. I worked a total of around 15 hours this weekend which meant that I was up well into the night. That was with my "regular" job where I moonlight as an antivirus support engineer.

Then I had work lined up for my own "business" on the side which also drained some more life and energy out of me. I really need some R & R coming up here soon or I am going to catch on fire like the dude that is featured here in the photo to the right.

I do have to give props to my wife though. She probably should be sick of my absence by now, but instead she just keeps encouraging me to keep going and while I've had my own stuff to do she has been working on a monstrous project of cleaning out our house and garage of junk.

That's right, I have a big dumpster sitting out in my driveway right now that is pretty well full of junk; stuff that I've either had in my house, my basement or my garage for way too long. We are in the final stages of getting some stuff rolling to do a facelift on our house. Yep, new siding, windows, soffits, facia, gutters, and two of our porches rebuilt. This should mean a much warmer and energy efficient winter for us...not to mention the quieting of the trains that pass through town in the night.

I am only working for 3 hours tomorrow. Then I'm back in the office for Thursday and then out on Friday to make a nice 4-day-weekend. Nice.

the other night I watched the movie Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. It was a pretty good movie.

My hair is now long enough that I have moved into the ponytail stage...of sorts.

Whenever I go over to my parent's for lunch, I always have this fear that I left their place having gone to the bathroom but forgot to flush.

I heard an ad on the radio today about investing in gold. They said that it was the best investment that one could make. As a "gift go get you started" they were offering to send you a free silver dollar. Hmmmm, invest in gold and get a silver dollar.

I find it hard to sit in a breezy air-conditioned room and not want to lay back and take a nap.

I finally watched most of the movie Zeitgeist. It is very interesting, but then again most conspiracy theory movies are interesting. I am usually pretty skeptical of conspiracy theories because I don't think that people are generally intelligent enough to carry them out...but I guess you never know.

I don't like how newspeople have changed over to use the word pleaded instead of plead for the past tense of the phrase "to plead."

Presidential candidate Tommy Thompson wants to eliminate cancer. Good luck with that.

I am tired of the political races already. Bert is running against Ernie who can't say anything good about Spongebob. Puppets. That's all they ultimately are. Puppets.

We temporarily provided refuge for a dog on Sunday, but then she peed on our floor so we put her outside and called the vet. The vet found her owner and she made it back home OK.

That football player who got in trouble for dog fighting claims to have "found Jesus" through all of his turmoil surrounding the incident. I'm pretty sure that Jesus was trying to hide as he probably didn't want to be involved in dog fighting. Poor Jesus.

That is enough for tonight. I think that my headache is strong enough now that I should listen to it and stop for the night.

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