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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mr. Mom

Today I let my wife have the day to herself. What this meant was that she started off by sleeping till about 1pm and then got up and got ready to go off to do other stuff without me or the kids. I was glad to be able to give her that time because she runs a very hectic ship here on the home front.

Days like today are really good for me for perspective. They are good memories for me to zero back in on if I ever come home from work some night and feel frustrated that dinner isn't made or that the kitchen or family room is a mess. It happens. It happens even more when you've got two crazy kids that both require a lot of attention and supervision.

This is a tribute to all the moms out there who make the sacrifice for their families to stay home instead of being in a full time job outside of the home. I'm not saying that stay-at-home mom's are superior in any way but they have certainly chosen their vocation carefully. I could not do it. I would like to think that given the right opportunities and circumstances that I could be a full time stay-at-home dad, but there is just no way.

But what did happen today was good:

Making breakfast for the kids is usually no big deal; it is getting them to eat it that is the challenge.

Bathing the kids can be fun; but there is always this certain level of assumed vanity that goes into it for me because I know that my son especially will be just as dirty as he was before the bath by the end of the day.

Lunch, see comments about breakfast.

My afternoon duties today included doing some dishes and trying to get my kids to pitch in and pick up all of the toys that were not being played with. Sometimes I feel like that endeavour is like trying to pull long nose hairs off a gnat. We did eventually get somewhere though.

Horse rides; my kids like to think that I am a horse so they climb up and down off of me as many times a possible. The irony in that is that when they actually are near a horse- once they get on it is hard to get them off.

Cartoons, Cartoons, and Cartoons; I am not really a fan of just sitting my kids down in front of the TV and letting their brains become mush, but sometimes you just have to do it for the sake of your own sanity. Thomas the Train Engine, Bear in the Big Blue House, and many old Loony Toons characters became closer friends today.

I love my kids, but I have to give the bigger shout-out today to my wife who does all this stuff every day.

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Blogger Sasha said...

That's what I'm talking about! Way to go on truly letting her have a day off. Thanks for calling it a carefully chosen vocation. Half the world seems to think those who choose to stay at home are less than intellectual.

November 19, 2007 at 1:53 PM  

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