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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"You Deserve......"

I don't know where all you folks might be reading from but where I live there is a really annoying commercial that runs. It starts out with this freaky "hip" guy who is wearing all black [yeah, how original for being trendy] greeting the camera that is supposed to be a person and saying "you deserve to look your best."

I am fascinated by this little marketing phrase that I hear more and more "you deserve...."

They should be glad that I am not calling the shots on who deserves what in my world. Let me turn the tables just a bit and see who deserves what and why in my book.

My wife- she deservers an award for having to spend most of her time putting up with 2 crabby kids all day and then having to deal with a husband who is burned out on his job and is always riding the narrow fence that travels the border of depression, ambition and insanity.

My mother-in-law deserves the highest respect. She is a saint in most respects of the word. She is kind to all, loving to the unlovable, gracious to the nasty, etc. I love the woman and she is such a bright light to everyone that she touches.

I have a customer of mine who deserves to lose their computer. They don't know how to stop installing crap that messes it up and then when it hits the fan they don't want to have to pay anyone to fix it.

The Popular Jerk from High School- He deserved to get kicked down a flight of stairs and land butt side. I have never understood how jerks could still maintain their popularity.

The point is though that this advertising appeals to this false sense of what people think they deserve. Instead of looking that crap, let's look at what Maslow said folks needed. On second thought, I'm too tired to make his pyramid out for everyone to look at. The point is that there is a difference between a seemingly universal set of needs that folks have verses what they deserve.

I like to see good folks get the breaks that they need...but for once I'd also like to see someone get what they deserve- they go into a place and ask somebody for a break, favour, or a deal....and then be told "no, you're an asshole."

I am OK with saying all of this though because I know who I am. I realize that I am sometimes that guy who needs to be kicked in the shins just to remind me that I'm not as great as I might think I am.

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