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Friday, August 31, 2007


My network at home is on the fritz. Well, actually it is just my router's wireless capabilities. So right now I'm pounding out this blog from my crappy Windows machine that's hardwired into my router.

I guess it is probably about time that this happened since my router is about 2 years old. I knew it was bound to happen. When it is plugged in it makes this very quiet high-pitched noise that goes away if you unplug it. So in the next few days or so I will be heading off somewhere to buy a new router.

Tomorrow night though is date night. The Mrs and I are going to get some time to ourselves while the kids are with their grandparents. It will be good for the kids and good for us. The only catch is that we will not be in a major city and we are trying to find a theater that is showing The Bourne Ultimatum. We've heard that the movie "kicks major @$$" and we want in on some of that action while it is still on the big screen.

I'm gonna go for now though because I myself really need to reboot and relax so I'll be back when it's appropriate.

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