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Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm falling from the ceiling...falling from the sky....

"Leaves are falling all around, time I was on my way..." Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Today is September 24th already. Where does all of the time go? What happened this month? My dad turned 52, I turned 29, my mom turned 51...I started working on my home office again since I started working on it last October and still had not yet finished it. By Joe, it will be done in the next 2 weeks or so because I've been working my rear off to get it finished. I am tired of being tired of complaining about there.

Yesterday marked the first day of Autumn. Welcome fall! The Fall is my favourite time of the year. The temperatures drop, the air gets crisp, and it is the perfect time to get a lot of outdoors projects done. I like some things about winter but here in Iowa it is just too cold and snowy. I like some things about spring but it just seems too rainy. I like the long days that summer brings...but an Iowa summer is like living in a sauna and that is no fun.

Fall is my time of the year- College football [no favourite teams...I just like watching], breaking out my sweaters, chicken noodle soup, smoked meats, crisp air, sitting on my porch smoking my pipe, raking leaf piles for the kids to jump into, watching the leaves change colours, driving on country roads watching the combines in the fields as the farmers collect their harvest. Halloween and Thanksgiving.

One year I had this job guarding an outdoor art exhibit and my favourite time of the day was about 4PM when the sun had sunk enough to be perfectly positioned to hit the trees on the east side of the lot in such a way that it created such a spectacular display of colour. Looking out my window right now at my office it appears as though most of the trees here are still pretty green, but it is only a matter of a couple weeks before they change.

I love fall and Harvest parties. My musical interests also seem to shift during this time as well; more bluegrass and country than rock or blues. Fall is just overall such a great time of year.

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