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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Obesity In America

If you just go to the mall, fast food joints, or just sit in a parking lot somewhere and observe it is guaranteed that you will see more overweight folks than those who are on target. Although the exact source of the problem cannot instantly be found, there are more ways to address this today than there have been before.

Can you believe that at one time a method of weight control was to ingest tapeworms? Sure there were good intentions behind that but ultimately it did more harm than good. Today we have better means and methods of helping people achieve their desired weight loss.

Journey Lite specializes in Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding which is also known as LAGB or the
lap band System procedure. This is basically like having a control band installed around the upper part of your stomach that limits the amount of food that you can eat, thereby allowing you to lose weight faster. The fact that the procedure is performed via a Laparoscopic procedure, there is minimal scaring which means a faster recovery time.

If you are overweight and want to do something about it, please consider this opportunity. Financing is available so how much is your extended life worth to you?

For more information on the company and their services please visit their website.

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