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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my son's 2nd birthday. What a flood of memories come to mind when I think about the day he was born; talk about excitement!

The night before my son was born my wife had been having trouble sleeping due to what felt like just an upset stomach. Since she couldn't sleep she decided to just go downstairs and watch TV and lay on the couch.

I woke up at 04:30 that morning to find that she was not in bed with me so I decided to take a journey downstairs to see what was going on. She was laying on the couch saying that she was uncomfortable with what felt like gas pains. She had been in and out of the bathroom many times hoping that something would happen to make things more comfortable for her but nothing seemed to be working. So we called the "First Nurse" people at the hospital and they gave us some suggestions that didn't work either. So I then jumped online and read whatever I could on the subject of relieving gas pain...the one thing that we had not tried was peppermint tea. So I jumped in the car @ 06:00 and drove to the nearest town in search of it. I went to a few places before I found it. Once I had it in hand I drove back home as quickly as possible.

When I was just about 10 minutes away from home my wife called and said that she hoped I was on my way because she was really getting uncomfortable. I assured her that I would be there very soon and to just hold on.

When I got home she could barely stand up straight because of the discomfort; and nothing was happening in the bathroom. So I called "First Nurse" back and told them the situation- that she was pregnant with 2 weeks left to go in her term and that she was a very unhappy camper. The lady on the phone did some mumbling of sorts and then said that I should bring her in.

My first thought, though somewhat distant, was that possibly there were complications brewing...was everything alright? were they going to have to induce her? were they going to have to do a c-section? do i need to be worried? I did entertain the possibility though that we might end up having a baby by the end of the weekend.

So we notified to neighbour so that she could come over and be with our daughter. [Author's note: We had already been talking to our 2 year old daughter about what might happen if mommy should have to have the baby when she was sleeping. We told her that Lindsay might come over and be with her until Memah and Papa got there to be with her.] We then packed up whatever we thought we might need and we then zoomed off to the hospital. When my wife said that she thought that she was feeling some pressure I stepped on it. We were soon flying down U.S. Highway 30 westbound at 90mph. I blew right past a state trooper who was dealing with someone one the side of the road. He didn't do anything about me; it may have been because I was driving with my emergency flashers on.

When we got into Ames I continued to drive like a road conscious mad man through town. I even blew through an intersection that had a red light staring me in the face and a local cop driving right toward us. He just pulled into the gas station like he didn't even notice.

We get to the hospital and I wheel my wife in to the Emergency entrance in the wheel chair and when we're greeted by the receptionist who said "Hi, what are you here for today?" my wife said "I need to have a baby." So they got the room lined up for us and we set out to find it.

After we got to our room it wasn't very long before the midwife came in to see us. [If you've never used a midwife, we HIGHLY suggest them] She checked my wife's dilation to find that she was already at 8cm. HOLY CRAP!!! Not a minute too soon!!! We could have had the baby at home if we didn't come in...

In just a matter of about 2 hours or so, our son Liam Robert entered the world with us. Man, I was so proud as a dad to now have a son. I was overjoyed to find out that our first child would be a girl. I knew that my soft spot in my heart would have to get bigger because of her, but now I had a son. Someone who could one day pee just like me. I cried as I watched him come out.

Meanwhile, when our daughter woke up at home to find that we were gone and Lindsay was there-- she thought for a minute of two [now she's always been a very sharp girl, but for a 2 year old this was amazing] and said "Linneys, mamma, daddy gone...MOMMY HAVE BABY?!?!?!?!"

Lindsay held the fort down until my wife's folks got there to collect our daughter to come to the hospital. When they got there I went down to the lobby to meet them and to tell Keelin that Liam was finally here with us. I cried again. She was such a proud big sister. You could see it all sink in as she dimly understood that Liam was no longer in mommy's tummy, but now out with us.

Kids can be such pains sometimes. I really hate to say it, but it's the truth. Our parents can vouch for that fact with multiplicity...but how they are worth it. To think that we could be responsible for the raising of the next generation right under our roofs.

Liam had a big day today- a doctor appointment to get checked up on, then swimming at his aunt's house, then a house full of family and friends tonight to celebrate his life. So he's asleep now. I like to watch him sleep.

In so many ways he is my spitting image, but I am so glad that he is not me.

I love you buddy...more than you'll ever know.

Happy Birthday.

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