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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Move 'Em Out

So today we moved my sister. We got her out of the house where she was living with her boyfriend, or whatever he was, and into another place where she and my nephew will be living with a few other girls. It is always interesting moving her because she usually isn't ready to move; she's usually still packing when we get there. Today seemed to be better.

I am glad that she is out of that situation because it didn't sound like it was working out, but I feel horrible for my nephew. The little guy just turned 4 and he's in a strange place. His mom and dad are divorced and his dad lives with a few other guys (one of which is my cousin) and his mom lives now has just moved out from living with her boyfriend to the situation just described.

Moving her required that we go from one part of town to the other. She lives in Des Moines, where I used to live, but by now she knows the city much better than I do. So I found it ironic that I needed to follow her around everywhere we drove today. The place that she was living in before was decent, but the new house is definitely much nicer.

After I got home I decided, at the prompting of my wife, to take advantage of the cooler evening temperatures to mow the lawn...but as it would happen, it seemed to get pretty dark pretty fast. I got the neighbour's place done and started in on mine when the chain came off--once again--of the rear left wheel. It was just too dark for me to try and put it back on, and on top of that I would have had to push my mower back out toward the street and then pull my car up close to it to be able to jump start it. The battery probably needs replaced. Bottom line is that my mower will just have to sit out in my yard until tomorrow morning when I can finish the job with light.

Do you every get the feeling that I blog just to blog? Perhaps I do. Perhaps this is my sorry excuse for not having a journal or diary. The fact of the matter is that I don't really have anything outstandingly amazing about the every day stuff of my life...or I can't seem to remember all of the obscure thoughts that I have during the day.

You know what I hate? I hate it when bands cover songs from other bands and they leave all of the music, words and melody the exact same.

On the other hand, right now I am watching a rerun episode of Saturday Night Live and Beck is the musical guest. He is always innovative, and if he ever covered somebody else's tunes they would probably rock.

That is all I have for tonight.

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