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Friday, August 10, 2007

Worn Out

Another work week in the books.

We had some friends from Denver visiting the area earlier this week so we got a hotel room next to theirs and hung out for the evening. I went to college with both of them, for 2 years at least. After they graduated they got married. They're a great couple. [Greg and Amber, it was great to see you. We'll do it again sooner rather than later]

What that rendezvous was over I had to go back to work. I'm not really going to talk about work because it is just not a good practice to put work related stuff out here on the WWW since the powers that be can find ways of possibly using that material to show your can the door. So what I will say though is that I'm glad that I'm done working for the week.

Saturday's forecast looks like I'll be helping my sister move. She's out of a relationship that she's been in and now she's moving on so I'll be part of the help.

I was really hoping to do a follow-up blog about how happy I was that I had found my CDs, but no such fate. I haven't yet begun the process of seeing where to start over with all that.

So now it is Friday night @ 23:08 and I'm now sagging just a bit from the fatigue and the sips of scotch that I've thus far enjoyed.

Food for thought- if there is a parallel universe, will I ever get to know myself?

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