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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bummed Out

I am kind of bummed out.

I don't know when it happened, but I looked over in the passenger seat of my car today to see that my book of CDs was gone. When did it happen? I am guessing that it was sometime between last Friday and last night but I hadn't gone out to my car since last Friday.

I live in a small town that has a reputation as such that I wouldn't need to keep the doors on my car locked. I did have my car parked in my driveway though so whoever took them does at least qualify for trespassing.

I am mostly bothered by this on principle. It was my stuff and I don't go around taking from others what is not mine. Is it fair? Nothing is fair; fair is such a poor word to use. I even tell my kids that it is futile to try and look at life in terms of what is fair and what isn't.

The upside to my CDs getting taken is modern technology. With the exception of a few of them, I still have them copied to my computer in my house. I can go through and make new copies of them but what a hassle. That means that I need to go back to the store and buy a new CD case and blank CDs. Then I have to spend the time in front of my computer burning them all back onto the disks.

I've had this happen before too, but it was with a lot fewer disks. This time I think that I probably lost about 30 or 40 albums.

I've been thinking about what I'd like to do to whoever took them and this is what I've come up with- I would tie them to a chair and make them listen repeatedly to the music of Fine Young Cannibals while watching reruns of The Price is Right. That ought to fix them.

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