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Friday, January 16, 2009

Droppin' Some Verbal Knowledge

Here are a few of my favourite phrases that I've picked up over the years. First the word/phrase, then the definition and then an example.

A Grip:
Definition- a long passage of time, usually at least since last Spring Break
Example-'ve you been? It's been a grip since I last saw you!

Definition- making preparations
Example- Q. What are y'all doin'? A. We're finxin'ta go to the mall.
[note: "fixing to" or "fixin' to" are not aceptable]


Definition- to act awkward or nerdy
Example- I really wanted to make a good impression on that chick, but then I just started geekin'. I probably blew it.

Definition- to inquire into a course of action
Example- I've been trying to get that lid off all day; howdja manage to get it off?

Definition- someone who is prone to change their mind alot
Example- Down at the slam dunk contest they had some real flip-floppers

Rule of thumb
Definition- a general measure of advice or operation
Example- I can get mean, but as a general rule of thumb they shouldn't bleed for longer than 15 minutes

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A List.....

....Of people who deserve to be punched.

People Who Deserve It

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It has been colder than....well, cold this past week. Temperatures have seldom made it above 0 these past few days. This is Iowa so we should kind of be used to it. It's just that we haven't dipped this low for the last ten years.

What is hard to fathom for me are the folks who live in Alaska that are used to it. When their cars or buses don't run they just hop on the snow mobiles. Kids put on their tennis racket-like shoes and head off to school.

Things I like to do when it is this cold-

Spit waaaaay up in the air. I know that it is juvenile but it is still fascinating.
Start my car and let it run for a long time before I get in. I like it toasty warm, but it kills my gas mileage.
Take a pan of hot water outside just to watch it get extra steamy.
Pee outside when I'm not close to a public bathroom. Yeah, probably illegal in many places but when you gotta go, you gotta go; and if it is cold enough you can see it steam and freeze before it hits the ground.

With that said, spring still can't come soon enough. I don't like wearing coats.

Next week it is supposed to soar into the upper mid 30's. I'll be at the beach....not really, but these goofballs decided to go-

I'm going to go find my electric blanket.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

You Say You Want A Resolution

2008 is now gone and I don't know where all it went. Another year of working has passed. Another year of my children't lives have passed. Another year of my marriage has completed. In so many ways there were milestones and in others it was, sadly, just like all the rest.

Typically the way I close out each year is to put on my headphones and listen contemplatively to A Long December by Counting Crows. Here it is, if you haven't heard it-

Well, I didn't do that this year. This year we brought in the new year watching the movie Traitor. I didn't know what else to do.

I also didn't want to put togther some immediately sappy post about all the memories that I was adding to the book of my life. I wanted to take a little more time than I normally do. Well, I've taken that time now and I think that I've come up with a few things.

I really have not been one to make new year's resolutions. I've always thought that they were cheap and lazy and unachievable. I also don't think that the new year should begin in winter. I'm all for irony but that is too much. It would be more fitting if the new year began in spring when everything is coming back to life; but apparently we all know how I don't run the show....

Anyways, here are some of my "resolutions" for the year-

  • Find a new line of work- I can't keep up and I'm getting burned out
  • Try to have better dividing lines between my work life and my home life
  • Move to another house that is more practical for the fitting in of the rest of our lives
  • Have more play time; with my kids and doing the things that I like
  • Try to put fewer miles on my car unless it is for worthwhile adventures
  • Read more
  • Broaden my musical tastes
  • Go to a local play or musical
  • Go to an IMAX film
  • Revisit the game of frisbee golf
  • Get haircuts more frequently
  • Finish writing my book

I haven't decided on a new song for the year. I will need some time to think about that for a while. Rest assured that when I find it you all will know.

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