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Monday, March 16, 2009

What Size Does That Come In?

This is just a little ranty peeve of mine-

Tonight I called Godfather's to order a pizza. I forgot that they only had two sizes, personal pan and large. That is not so much of a problem for me because the alternate to the personal pan, being the large, is pretty large in comparison. So in this case it would seem to make sense to have a small and a large. Enough said.

But there is another place that I know of that is a burger joint that does not offer small, medium, and large. They only offer medium and large. My question is this- if you don't offer a small size then why offer a size called medium? It isn't a middle size to anything. Medium is a class that designates a middle point between two other sizes. If you don't have a small then it would only make sense to just possibly call the medium a regular at best.

Maybe I am just too fickle.

Enjoy this clip

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Mad-ness a.k.a. Have you seen me lately?

It has now been about a month and a half since I've made an etching in this, my tablet of Internet presence. Now, lest you take pity on me I do realize that I am but a speck. Only a fly turd in the vast dirt that makes up the rest of the soil of the soul of life outside my head.

Life has just been all over the place for me lately.
  • Work has been very busy for me lately, as in my main job- but by now you should know my mantra about blogging about that; I DON"T DO IT....So I just leave it at that.
  • My children are getting bigger before my eyes. My son will be 4 this summer and my daughter will be 6.
  • My wife is getting bigger by the day and we are growing anxious for the timer to ding, letting us know that our current little belly bun is ready.
  • I continue to learn more about life from many different dimensions.

Now for some random thoughts that you may or may not care to know-
  1. Sometimes I am concerned with the amount that I eat...sometimes too much, sometimes not enough
  2. I've been getting headaches more often lately that requires trips to my chiropractor
  3. I sometimes feel like a conservative with liberal tendencies...but I'm still very conservative
  4. I went to my first marriage conference this weekend with my wife that I actually kind of enjoyed.
  5. The more I think, experience and ponder I find spirituality in general to have so many dimensions that it is confusing and tiring.
  6. I like watching Celebrity Apprentice solely to watch people who think that they are big slowly get squashed.
  7. I hope to actually get some enjoyment out of this coming spring and summer.
  8. Even though the rest of the country is in a recession, I do not feel that my family is too greatly affected by it right now.
  9. I need to go to bed earlier in the evenings.
  10. I need to get up earlier in the mornings.
  11. I wish I were any Oscan Meier weiner.
  12. I have very high stress.
  13. I have a very short attention span.
  14. I can't believe that I've gotten into Facebook the way I have.

I think that is it for now. I really need to be a little more active on this blog but it's hard when I don't think about it too much.

And now for something completely different-

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