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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Human Corruption

Genesis 6 in the Bible starts out talking about "Nephilim" in the land that had sexual relationships with the daughters of Israel. Scholars are not in agreement as to what exactly these "Nephilim" are. Simply translated it is alleged to mean "sons of God."

Sons of God has been interpreted to mean a few different things: fallen angels, giants or another type of man.

For the sake of saving space here on my blog, I have decided to leave a lot of the extra explanation of the Nephilim to others who have already done so, as to keep me from just rewriting what has already been written.
More on the Nephilim can be found here.
It was because of the offspring of the interchange that God had decided that he was no longer going to strive agianst man, as all their ways were wicked. The King James translation of the bible even goes as far as saying that God wished that he had not created man. The solution? A flood to purge the evil. Did it work? Ultimately, it did not because later on the Bible the story then looks the same. By the Gospel accounts, God was now seeing that he couldn't wipe people off the face of the earth again, so he had to take a different approach; wiping out their sin.
Sin, as originally described simply means "missing the mark, or missing the point." The evolution of the idea later turned it into transgressing certain commands or failing to act when one should. I prefer the idea of missing the point, because that seems to have the most significant application throughout all Hebrew, Christian and other applications across various religious experiences.
Corruption is corruption; it cannot be changed. It might be possible to better deal with letting the corruption guide one's every move, but ultimately the Christian messages is that once saved, one must live a life of self-denial through the power of the Holy Spirit which will empower them to no longer live "according to the flesh, but after the Spirit." Sounds like God is still striving.
No black without white. No round without flat. No day without night.
No righteousness without sin. Corruption just is. There is no getting around it. One either deals with it by means of the Spirit of God, or through Buddhic meditation and contemplation, or through Zen consciousness where everything has it's place, or through naturalistic animism where it is the point of indulgence.
The world and all that is in it is corrupt to some degree; but I see it as necessary for all other things to still survive.


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