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Friday, January 16, 2009

Droppin' Some Verbal Knowledge

Here are a few of my favourite phrases that I've picked up over the years. First the word/phrase, then the definition and then an example.

A Grip:
Definition- a long passage of time, usually at least since last Spring Break
Example-'ve you been? It's been a grip since I last saw you!

Definition- making preparations
Example- Q. What are y'all doin'? A. We're finxin'ta go to the mall.
[note: "fixing to" or "fixin' to" are not aceptable]


Definition- to act awkward or nerdy
Example- I really wanted to make a good impression on that chick, but then I just started geekin'. I probably blew it.

Definition- to inquire into a course of action
Example- I've been trying to get that lid off all day; howdja manage to get it off?

Definition- someone who is prone to change their mind alot
Example- Down at the slam dunk contest they had some real flip-floppers

Rule of thumb
Definition- a general measure of advice or operation
Example- I can get mean, but as a general rule of thumb they shouldn't bleed for longer than 15 minutes

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