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Thursday, August 28, 2008

MMW- Love The Lover

If I got high I would trip to this...but since I don't I still listen anyways to simulate such a thing.

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Some Olympic Commentary

Now that the 2008 Olympics are over I would like to offer some commentary/critique/criticism. I think I would have enjoyed the Olympics this time around if I would have actually gotten to see more than swimming and gymnastics. I seem to have missed the more interesting events.

In this post I offer a proposal for events that should be dropped from future competitions. While the events in and of themselves may be entertaining, they are either driven by the commercial or recreational forces and not that of survival; which is originally what made the Olympics what they were. They have no show of strength, skill, courage or stamina.

Field Hockey
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis
Regular Tennis
Water Polo
and for the love of God.......
Speed Walking

It is not that I have anything intuitively against any of these as sports [except for Speed Walking] but they, in my humble opinion, do not belong in the Olympics.

IOC- put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Dream

I had a dream the other night that was pretty strange. I am trying to find out what it means.

The dream came at one of those times where the alarm has already gone off, you get up to turn the alarm off, and then lay back down and fall asleep again for a few minutes.


I was in a very large building, seemingly looking for someone...looking for some kind of answer to something. Suddenly my cell phone rang. It was the professor; but not just any professor, it was the top dog. The leading expert in the field.

We talked on the phone for a while as I took in the sheer wonderment of why he would take the time to discuss this issue with me. As we talked I was walking all around the building, which I believed was a very large college campus building. Depending on where I went the signal strength of my phone varied. Several times we cut in and out but he did not ever hint at hanging up.

He guided me as I spoke to the location that I could find him. The directions were confusing but I eventually made my way out a door and found him standing in a common area. We hung up our phones and began to walk and continue our conversation where we eventually met up with some of his family members. He invited me to tag along so that we could keep talking.

We all piled into a 20's-30's model car and drove down the street. This car somehow had 3 rows of seats. I was in the very back on the passenger side and he was in the middle row middle seat. We were all pretty pressed for space. 

As we rode I began to see that there were bees flying all over around the inside of the car. No one else seemed to be bothered by them but I started to panic a little inside. I attempted to try and shoe some of them out my window and then tried rolling it up all the way but the handle was broken inside the door. I reached down to the door handle to try and jiggle everything to get the window crank to latch back up to work. As I was shaking the door handle more bees began to surface from a nest inside the handle. I did not get stung but feared that it would happen. I also began to see that this was a problem that had probably been in the car for quite some time. Why weren't they bothered by this?

About this time I then looked down at my leg to see a miniature scorpion crawling across it. Afraid of potentially being stung by it I reached down and grabbed its tail just below where the stinger was. When I attempted to pull it off of my leg it dug some claws into my pant leg in attempts of holding on and would not let go. I then sat there in fear that not only could I not get it off, but also that if I let go of it then it would sting me. So I just sat there wondering what I should do.

That is when I woke up with a racing heart.


Any thoughts as to what this means?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meeting Minutes

It has been a month since I've rapped at y'all. Sorry about that. My life has just been a crazy mess of all sorts of stuff. 

Let's recap June-

All I remember was my daughter's birthday. She turned the big 5 this year. Wow, time really flies. If you have kids then you understand this well. It hits home even more when you sit back and look at photos of them growing up right before your eyes. A few of them that I looked at seemed like they happened just last week; only to remember that it was actually over 2 years ago. Hold on to them tightly and treat them well because the time is short. 

Another June moment was the confirmation that we are now expecting our 3rd child. So far the pregnancy is going well and my wife is still looking pretty hot. Well, she's always a hot preggo but I am sure that we won't have much time to really worry about that stuff. Now that we've already got 2 kids to keep us busy, and with how quickly the this last year has gone by, I'm sure that the pregnancy will breeze right by. I am pretty thankful for that because I remember how hard our first pregnancy was. The first few months blew right by. The next 4 months went by at a "life as usual" pace. The last month was killer. The anticipation kept me up each night thinking that my wife's every move meant that she was going into labor. Baby, when you're ready, we'll be waiting for you.

Pivot point 3 for June was my decision that I really needed to start working out again, seriously. My daughter told me one day after I got out of the shower that I looked like I was going to have a baby. That hurt...but she was right. 

I will be 30 next month and although I am still about 5 years away from entering those "mid-life" years I don't want to be one of those fat and unhappy middle-agers. My diet needs adjusting, which I'm working on, and I need to offset all of my hours sitting at a desk during the day with physical activities. Admittedly, getting into the swing of things is really hard, but I can say that I already feel a difference. I've lost 10 pounds and I feel a little more confident about myself. I don't need to be Mr. Universe but I also don't want to maintain my staus quo. 

On the job front-

I'm still at my regular day job. Not really going anywhere with that one.

The computer gigs keep coming in. I am usually making 2-3 calls a week on my customers and I am continually getting new ones.

I have also started to take off with painting. So far I have done the interior of 2 rental houses and a display wall in a photo gallery. Coming up sometime in the future I will have another home interior, a photo studio backdrop wall, 2 apartments and possibly 2 condos. If you or anyone that you know of is in the need for a painter just let me know or send them my way.

My book is still very slow in development. I have some upcoming time that I need to take off of work though so hopefully I can find myself in some secluded places for a few days and finally get it finished. I imagine that it would be a lot easier to crank out more books in less time if that was the only thing that a person did. 

My parents' divorce isn't getting any easier. My dad has been out of my mom's house for about 2 months now. We seem to see him every few weeks when he comes up to visit. It is nice to see him but it is hard because he seems to always be on a limited schedule and he's really unhappy. 

My mom is doing much better than expected though. She has begun to find ways to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She is a strong woman. She is keeping herself busy with people and things to do and I'm very proud of her. 

Back to work.

Thanks for reading.

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