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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It came upon a midnight cold

I had a realization last night. I decided that it was time to take my kids outside in the 8 degree weather for some well needed play time. It reminded me of playing outside as a child. I would get all bundled up and go outside for hours at a time. We never seemed to get enough time out in the white coldness.

We had shovels, gloves, sticks and boots. We would build forts out of snow or take the 4 block hike up to the Elementary school where we spent the bulk of the rest of our time during the week. That was back when parents could trust society to let their kids tread into the unknown.

It was so much fun, but how is it that the memories would so quickly escape my mind? Probably because I'm usually just too busy. Kids can play outside when it is hot and when it is cold. I need to be more mindful of my kids' needs in this area.

The major bummer in the area that I live in is the lack of hills for sledding. I want to give my kids the same opportunity for white flight that I had. I want them to have the same sensation of flying down a hill questioning the ability to survive. I want them to feel the fear of not knowing if they will land back down on the sled or be left cold in a drift.

Kids should have that experience. Parents should provide it for them.

I do remember a few times that my parents took us to some pretty outrageous places to sled. No matter how cold it was we always had a good time.

We looked forward the most to the day when my dad would fulfill his promise of bringing home a whole dump truck load of snow and pile it in our front yard. Sadly, that day never came. I looked forward to making a castle out of it, but apparently it just wasn't meant for this wanna' be prince to reside in such a temporary ice palace.

I did dig a tunnel for my daughter yesterday. She liked it and so did I. There was also a certain sense of joy in my son clinging on to me for dear life in hopes of keeping warm.

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