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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Idea/Bad Idea?

Interesting excursions.

Tonight we decided that we would use some tickets that my daughter won in something to take the family to see the Iowa Cubs play baseball against some team from Tuscon; good idea.

To make things interesting, as my wife was watching the noon news today she saw that tonight was "take your dog to the ballpark" night at Principal Park where the aforementioned game would take place.

I wish I could say that everything went according to plan, but I can't. If it were a little league game that would be one thing, but when you get that many people in one place with that many dogs it is just less than ideal. We were all put in seats out on the sidelines along right field where it was hard enough to really get a good look at the game. Then factor in a dog who is always moving around due to being in an uncomfortable situation, and 2 kids who don't really understand baseball. (Well, the irony is that my 2 year old son was more into it than my 4 year old daughter) Instead of being into the game, the kids were into the dogs. Not really bad in and of itself, but I think that we've learned a pretty good lesson from tonight- [say it with me, class] if the kids want animals take them to a petting zoo one night, then do baseball another.

What I do know is that what little bit of the game I did catch didn't really seem to be much. Minor league baseball just doesn't seem to have the zeal that it used to. These guys didn't really seem like they were trying all that hard. Perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe I would have a different angle if it were me playing.

The moral of the story is....there is no moral; but we did get to spend some time together as a family and it didn't cost us anything to get in.

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