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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Loser of the week

In a press conference this week, while Rev. Al Sharpton should have been giving either an explanation for his terrible hairstryle or why his neck is so skinny in comparison to the rest of his body, he instead decided to go public with some of the worst news that this country could yet face.

Apparently Al's great, great, great, great grand pappy was a slave that was owned by Strom Thurman's great, great, great, great grand pappy. This goes to show 2 incredible things- The first being just how cruel slavery can be. Slavery must have sucked. Nobody is denying that. Most people today would agree that slavery should not have happened [ever] and that given the opportunity they would hopefully keep it from happening again. Oppression gives birth to a lot of harmful behaviours. Just look at Rev. Sharpton. I don't believe that I've ever seen him happy. I don't believe that he is ever out there doing anything other than fighting for other people with whom he doesn't really have any interest in other than having his face be seen about whatever the cause is. I really don't know that he has really done as much good as he has irritated those of us who have had to listen to him.

The second thing that it shows is just how hell bent this guy is on looking like a cry baby. He actually hired someone to trace his roots to see what they could find. They were successful. So what does he want out of this now? Money? A tissue? I think that Strom Thurman should kick his ass...publicly. I don't really know anything about Strom Thurman othat than the fact that he was also allegedly racist and that he is now dead. Like I said though, Strom ought to raise from the dead for just 1 day to come back and kick Sharpton's ass.

What an idiot to spend his money so irresponsibly. Does he think that this is going to help him in any way? And how manly of him to go after a dead guy about it.

I say that Sharpton needs a good beat down. Him being black has nothing to do with it. He needs it just because he is a jackass.

I don't know much but I do know how to let go of the past. Sure this is a matter of slavery but he was not a slave; at least not to Thurman's family. Now he is only a slave to his own selfish stupidity.

God help him see what a loser he is.

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