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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I can't really give a forecast other than to say that it is just not very nice outside.

We got a lot of freezing rain today and it is still snowing outside. I currently cannot open my back door. The screen door is frozen shut at the frame and there are several inches of frozen snow holding it closed. We are supposed to receive 8"-10" of snow by the time this storm is over. We've also lost power once tonight. That was almost pretty exciting. It got me thinking.

I had plans. I had plans tonight to watch The Departed with my wife after the kids went to bed. The lights went out in the middle of supper. We had a flashlight going while we tried to round up all the candles. I started thinking about all of my evening plans; blogging, movies, I wouldn't be able to do any of these so I may as well go to bed right after the kids. Then just as we got all of the candles lit the power came back on. Now 5 hours later the lights are flickering again.

We aren't going anywhere tomorrow but I'm sure that I'll be having a helluva time shoveling all of the snow and ice off my porches and sidewalk.

Sunday mornings I seem to still have this sick desire to scan the network television stations to hear the latest in the nonsense rattled off by all of the tv preachers. There is usually Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplanis, Creflo Dollar, Beth Meyer, Robert Schuller, and then some no name guy from Aberdeen, South Dakota. He parts his hair on both sides and is bald on top. I'm not sure how he does it. So where he lacks in the whole theologically mysterious entertainment, he makes up for in presentation. Don't get the mental image confused with Benny Hinn though. I wouldn't want to insult this guy like that.

Well, it is late and Alias is on. I wish that I had the energy to stay up and watch it. Jennifer Garner is good looking, although she's not quite worth it as much as Jennifer Love Hewitt is in Ghost Whisperer. Mmmmmmmm......

I'm going to head to my room and pick up a book to read until my eyes can't take it any longer.

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