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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Creepy Call

Tonight the phone rang and the caller ID showed that it was coming from an 866 number. I decided to answer it since it was the 2nd time today that the number had shown up. It was a recording from the Department of Security.

I was kind of surprised that we would receive such a call. On the one hand it was kind of comforting that they would make calls to homes potentially affected by an oncoming winter storm of the magnitude that we are about to receive. On the other hand it was creepy that they would actually go through and dial numbers letting the residents know that if they did not have power to seek shelter immediately.

We were blasted on Saturday with a few inches of freezing rain/ice and several inches of snow. We lost power for only about 15 minutes, but there are still several areas that are without power and may continue to be for the next week or two. Now, tomorrow we are supposed to receive round 2. More rain/ice and blizzard like conditions that could get us another 6-12 inches of snow. Damn I hate winter.

One theory behind this is that God is pouring out a spell of "mini-wrath" because of a vote that recently took place in the Iowa Legislature concerning embryonic stem cell research. I don't really follow such logic. I doubt that this has as much to do with that as much as it has to do with nature itself and the fact that we just haven't had a winter like this in quite a while.

The problem that I have with saying that God is doing this is "how are we to know?" It would only be pure speculation based on coincidence. Even hindsight can't be sure on this one.

I just know that it will be cold and nasty and I'd rather be somewhere with a beach until all of this clears.

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Blogger greg said...

Ugh, that stuff about the storm being a punishment for stem cell research makes me want to hurl.

The Sun obviously made the storm because it's paranoid and it's pissed off about all the satellites.

February 27, 2007 at 10:28 PM  

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