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Monday, July 2, 2007

We can all now die in peace

Over the weekend Apple released its newest gadget, the iPhone.

This new little number will truly revolutionize mobile technology. A phone, a web browser, multimedia player; everything that is needed for mobile communication and entertainment.

Many are saying that this device is the release of the century. I have to agree, but I am just anxious to see how long it takes before all of the techno-short-circuiters have this thing hacked. I'll be interested to read the blogs in the upcoming months as everyone gets their hands on these.

A report I heard this morning said that someone bought one of these on eBay for $12K. Let's see; you can either buy it at a retail store for $600 or you can go onto eBay and buy one for $12K.

In talking with a co-worker of mine today we have come to think that this could have been a publicity stunt on behalf of Apple. They can go and spend that much for their own product on eBay, and then turn around and get all kinds of additional free publicity from television news, talk radio, blogs like mine...etc.

Another report that I saw said that over the weekend they sold an estimated 525K of these babies! @ $600 a piece we're looking at a total of over $315,000,000. HOLY CRAP!!! That's just from one weekend...

Congratulations Apple. I can't afford one and it's too much phone for me.

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