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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 Years Later

This past weekend I had my 10 year class reunion. I really had my reservations about going but I decided that I'd bite the bullet and go. I figured that there would be people there that I really didn't care to see; but there would also be others that would be nice to catch up with.

Right off the bat I did notice that a lot of the same cliques were still functioning. I must admit that I had my own, but primarily just because I stayed away from the others who had theirs.

Some people had really changed. By this I mean several different ways. One way is that there were those who were kind of shy in school that have since come out of their shell a bit. There were those that have lost weight since then, and then others of us who have put on some pounds since then.

It was really nice to talk to those that I did, but how do you really catch up 10 years worth of history in only about 4 hours? And then take those 4 hours and split them up among all those that you'd really like to talk to. Needless to say you end up with a good time but still much that is lacking.

Even though I fought it for quite a while and still have my reservations about it this is where MySpace has become a great avenue to keep in touch with those that I have lost touch with. Because of the ability to input your school and graduating class you can find almost anyone who has registered and made themselves available to the world. This is great because now all of the time that I didn't feel that the reunion afforded can be made up through cyberspace. However, there are still some features about these forms of virtual relationships that are absent.

All in all, I am ultimately glad I went...even if it was only to catch up with a select few.

The only regret- if I had known beforehand that we could come and not eat the food that was provided and save $50 then I would have done that. Something to keep in mind for the next time around.

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