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Friday, May 4, 2007

Anti-Bullying Bills

As many people have heard by now, the issues surrounding many anti-bullying bills have a lot of the media talking.

I am not going to get into all of the details surrounding this, but I will cast my 2 cents worth on the issue based on what I've put together listening to the reports.

I think that there are 2 groups here that need to come to terms with a few things. One of the groups is primarily those who are a part of the "gay community." The other group is made up of those who are overly vocal about their objections to them. So what would I say to each side?

To those in the Gay community I would say: There are certain things that any group of people need to understand about their culture and the portion of the world that they live in. You guys are no exception. Our country is in the beginning stages of starting to deal with issues like this as a whole. For a few hundred years it has been culturally taboo for individuals to live "deviant" lifestyles. Change never comes without tension, but I also believe that it is a foolish mindset to believe that if you get loud enough voices to yell long enough that it is going to change legislation to allow you all of the rights that you desire. Whether I agree or disagree with your lifestyle you need to be understanding of the fact that freedom is not without consequence. If you want the freedom to be gay and be open about it, then you need to also understand the fact that the larger majority of this American society does not understand that. The larger majority of our society is made up of either Judeo-Christian or pseudo-Judeo-Christian minded people. If you are going to continue to choose to live in this country you are going to have to live with that. Try to be a little more discreet in your expressions.

To those who are opposed to the anti-bullying legislature I would say: Is it OK to bully others? I understand that much of these proposals are symbolism over substance, but let's think about it for a little bit. Whenever the government tries to step in on your religious beliefs I bet you wish that there were some kind of anti-bullying legislation that you had in your corner besides the American Center for Law and Justice. You don't like the fact that your rights to bear arms and smoke are being taken away from you. You don't like the fact that you can be sued for your expressions. My beef with you is that there are certain things that both you AND the homosexuals need to keep within your own groups.

If you want to stand up and preach out against gays and lesbians, don't do it in the public square. If you want to preach it from your pulpits or engage in a civil conversation with individuals in private then you are entitled to that. What you are NOT entitled to though are your picket signs and your disregard for human worth, gay or straight, and violating my right to not have to hear about your nonsense on the news.

I know that I'm oversimplifying the issue a bit here but I'm just tired of both the Liberals and the Conservatives who are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion.

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