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Friday, March 23, 2007

And the winner is....

Tonight Miss Tennessee took the crown for Miss USA. For most men it was 2 hours of oogling over young women who made them excited. For a lot of women it was 2 hours of wondering what it would be like to be able to wear those clothes, wear the crown, and all that other stuff.

I found the whole thing a bit shallow personally. I mean, although it was great to sit and watch 50 hot chicks walk around for 2 hours [i know there were 51 but one in particular did absolutely nothing for me....probably the one from my own state] I was just kind of saddened by the way it all works.

50 women begin the contest. Then through a preliminary course that the public does not see that number gets chopped down to 10. Then we have the pleasure of watching those 10 walk around in very nice bikinis before the judges. The best of the 10 are then narrowed to 5 based on poolside presentation.

Now we get to the intellectual part- First a dumb question that makes you wonder if the hosts of the show have any intellectual integrity to begin with. I mean, who would seriously consider asking a contestant to "tell us, Miss Nevada, about your most memorable trip to Minnesota." Give me a break.

Then they get to the final serious question by the judges. The only 2 answers that stuck out to me were Miss Rhode Island who said that if she could ban the use of anything it would be cell phones in cars. Hmmmmm. Not the worst answer in the world but I didn't find the thoughts of cell phones too far from the mind of this model. The other one came from Miss Kansas who said that she did not believe that all people were worthy of a second chance...especially in the case of murder. [sic] Wow! Not that I agree with her completely....but at least she was hot, and she had the boobs to speak her true conviction. I figured that between her personal/spiritual convictions and heading back to the wrong side of the stage after answering her question that she was totally out of the running, but she did end up with 3rd place.

I can't even believe that I've got this much to write about the bloody occasion!

The bottom line is this....That's America. An ambiguous contest to see who's the best. At what? Who the hell knows?

We did get to see some fine looking ladies. The Donald got to have more time on TV. NBC was able to generate more revenue from its sponsors because of the numbers of people watching....and what else are people going to be doing on a Friday night during the in-between stage from winter to spring?

If nothing else redeeming came from the whole daughter got to act like a princess for the night; she loves that stuff.

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