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Thursday, May 3, 2007

America is going down the toilet

The day after the massacre at Virginia Tech one of Iowa's finest students decided to wear a ski mask to class at the University of Iowa. Well he wasn't actually from Iowa, he is an Illinois boy.

He decides to show up to class wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a black ski mask. The students expressed concern but he would not remove it. He was then finally removed from class where he was later seen removing the hood from the sweatshirt, but still not taking the mask off.

He then later appeared before the student senate demanding an apology for the way that he was treated.

Now I am sure that it is not just me, but I don't think that anyone owes this schmuck any kind of apology accept the following:

"We apologize that you are unable to comply with the requests of those around you. We apologize that you are seemingly insensitive to other recent events at another college here in America. We apologize that you apparently didn't receive the proper previous education concerning common sense as it relates to actions. We mostly apologize though that we even have to issue an apology for issues like this since our nation has seemingly castrated itself of any self-survival instincts as it pertains to the rooting out of problematic people like yourself."

We're at a sick place. Thieves can sue those whose houses they break into. Criminals can prosecute the governments who punish them for wrongdoing.

My guess is that America as we know it will no longer exist in another 100 years. We don't have the intestinal fortitude to just be mean when we need to anymore.

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