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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday Night/Monday Morning & On The Way Out

Today has just been a day of culmination of thought for me. This morning I found myself thinking about the state of affairs that each one of us finds ourselves in everyday- capitalism and difficulties in life.

I just can't help but think about nomads and neaderthals from thousands of years ago, or even just hundreds of years ago, who really didn't have a notion of building massive societies. Life for them was simple- you live, you hunt and gather, you eat, you have a family, protect yourself and yours, and then when the time was right you died. That sounds simple enough to me to almost be too good to be true...BUT IT WAS!

When, in our social/survival evolution decide that it would be a good move to turn into what we have today? Money has no value, our stuff is just stuff, we run around in vain making better what we will lose...the list goes on and on. Is it just me or does that just seem so tiring? What did we think that we could accomplish?

On a somewhat related note, tonight I finally watched the movie 1984. It was a great movie. Very disturbing but very great. Sadly, it is an all to close to home prophetic look at what our world has tried to become. Big Brother is always trying to brainwash the sheep into believing that what he is doing is right. Why? Power? Pleasure? Just for the hell of it? Well, I don't buy it. Whether it be the pitch on why we should stay in Iraq, why capitalism is good, why we should go to church, why we should excercise...I just don't buy it. There will always be those who are part of a society who really don't belong.

If money were not an issue, I would quit my job tomorrow and [by survival instinct] I would move to a climate that was temperate year round and nail in the steaks to my tent. I would say "screw you" to this life that I now know in exchange for something simple. Maybe I would learn more. Maybe I would forget stuff. Who knows.

I know that we are evolving in some facet or another....but I don't know if we will benefit from it at all.

That's all I'm going to say right now because I'm just too tired to think about anything any more and I have to work tomorrow.


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