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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sunday Morning Treatise

OK, so this really isn't any kind of a treatise...that just sounded way more official than what will end up being this short lack-meaning post.

I had a dream this morning that I was up and going by 5am. I even dreamed that I was going to have my first blog post for the day by 5:30 am and I could imagine the bewilderment of my readers when they saw the time that it was posted and hearing them ask themselves "why does he get up so early?" Well, I guess we are all disappointed then? :-) It is 7:56am as I type this and there is nothing life shaking going on here.

Did you know that it just dawned on me last night what the phrase Shiver Me Timbers meant? It is a pirate expression for I'm shaking in my boots. I don't know why I finally just put the two together last night but I did. Perhaps it was because I had Pirate on the brain on two accounts:
1. Yesterday was supposedly International Talk Like A Pirate Day
2. Today we will be going back to the Renaissance Faire for a day of Piracy

Last night my wife made little clothespin parrots for each of us to wear on our shoulders today. My daughter will be dressed up in a very fancy dress that will hopefully still compliment the era that the faire is trying to capture today. Either way, she will look fantastic!

My oldest son will also be sporting a costume, with an actual eye patch and small sword.

This morning I had the decision to make about what I would do this morning that would be most beneficial for the outcome of my day- either wake up and go play Frisbee Golf straight away or watch an episode of House M.D. while my oatmeal and green tea settled followed by a good 45 minute workout. I am opting for House and the workout. As much as I love Frisbee Golf, the morning games are often full of wet shoes and discs from the morning dew that has not yet burned off. Plus it is starting to lighten up later and later each morning.

BTW, wifi is now found @ my mom's house. Hoorah!


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