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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A psychological explanation of why most blogs fail

There are millions of blogs, like this one, out there, or personal online journals where people link to and write about things of interest to them. Their lives, their hobbies, their politics, their technology. But somewhere close to 95% of these blogs ‘fail.’ The blog never gains any substantial kind of readership (outside of a handful of individuals — friends, family), or the author loses interest in writing on a daily or semi-daily basis, or the blog loses focus, direction and eventually, readership.

But most blogs fail because keeping an ongoing tally of one’s interests, life, politics, or technology is just plain hard and often times, monotonous. It’s difficult for most people to easily write hundreds of words every day that have some greater meaning (as opposed to the, “Wow, look at that beautiful sky today,” or “The NY Times said something interesting, here’s the link to it.”). I suspect most bloggers figure this out after the first or second week of writing. Writing well takes effort and time.

-- By John M Grohol PsyD; April 7, 2005 from

I think that the above sums up why I haven't blogged in a while very nicely.

Over the past few weeks I have been making some pretty serious attempts at slimming down my calendar. Some attempts have worked better than others; but mostly I find that somehow the universe has a way of seeing openings in various time slots that are now available and then it sees some kind of vaccuum that has been created by the emptiness. Such has been the course of my last few weeks.

I have officially dissolved Custom Computer Works as a whole....but I find that I am still wrapping up some jobs related to it that are still lagging behind. Some of them I will miss while others of them cannot go away soon enough.

I will try and make it a point to post more often; like once a week or so and see how it goes. I might just need to go back to the whole "random entry" format again. I like to keep things interesting without becoming too cliche.

Since we're talking about time here for a moment I will leave you with this related video for now.



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