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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Remember The Movie Gattaca?

While I am typically rather annoyed by whatever is coming out of the mouth of Albert Mohler, current President of the Southwestern Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, he has really decided to go for the gold this time.

You can read the entire article here as well as probably many other variations elsewhere...but he has begun to suggest that perhaps there are some biological factors that go into making a person be a homosexual. He also says that because of this parents may be able to have tests run on their children prenatally to determine whether or not their child will be gay. And if they are, then there are preventative measures that can be taken to reverse it.

He will also, as a Baptist, continue to endorse the idea that homosexual behaviour is a sin and disorder both on the sociological and physiological level.

All I have to say is...WOW!

In my opinion, here we have a man who is neither a highly astute theologian or scientist/biologist and he is able to go public to make these claims. Where does he get off? He claims that his role in this is just to "get the conversation started." Well he has succeeded. Christians are upset at the very suggestion that homosexuality could be an issue of biology rather than sin. Leftists are upset at the suggestion that it could be an issue of sin on top of biology. I think that Dr. Mohler just likes the press time.

I just want to know what kind of tests they think they can run on these fetuses. To my knowledge nobody has yet found a "gay gene" even from those who are currently living and gay. So what do these tests consist of? Do they draw blood? Does an ultrasound reveal gay decorating habits or a special lisp in their speech?

And what if they were able to try and reverse it? Do they inject something? Do they strap headphones on the mothers belly that plays sermons by Dr. Mohler? Hypnotic infusion? Inject an antidote? And what if, like a kidney or heart transplant, the recipient's body rejects it? Would/could the child die? Perhaps that is a risk that Dr. Mohler is willing to take? Better a dead baby than a gay one? I know that sounds harsh but these guys are getting fruitier by the hour!

The purpose of the reference to the movie Gattaca is that it deals with this very issue. Parents are able to chose what kind of child they want; eye colour, hair colour, blood essence they can create the perfect child. Anything less than perfect is then quarantined and destroyed as it is considered a pollution to the rest of the race.

Another similar tie-in could also be the movie The Island where they are actually trying to harvest beings in a Utopian society where they brainwash them to think that everything on the outside is polluted or cursed.

I can't say for certain that this is where all of this is headed but there are sure some striking similarities. I'll be surprised if one day we don't end up wiping ourselves out completely.

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Blogger Cooper said...


Often, genetics are at play, but I just have to ask when they are going to find a gene linking to pedophelia or even one linked to the desire to kill.

Dahmer, Bundy; it's just their genetics man.

March 22, 2007 at 10:32 PM  
Blogger greg said...

I like to imagine the human mind as a control panel with a bunch of knobs, switches and sliders. Evolution (or God, if you must) determines the average "null" position of each slider so that most men are straight. Genetic variation obviously places people into a bell-shaped distribution, with some people falling more or less outside of the average, but there's a definite average, determined by necessity. Seriously, I'm going somewhere with this. :P

Now suppose you had incredible powers and could nudge these averages, or "presets," one way or another for an entire society.

Say you nudge the presets so that a more men become gay. If stereotypes about gay men are true, this might have a radical effect by producing more sensitive, cultured and creative men in the society, but on the flipside the society would dwindle because not enough people are sexually reproducing.

On the other hand, if you bump the presets the other way to eliminate the tendency toward gay, it might have equally detrimental effects on society. If stereotypes about straight men hold true, perhaps you'd have less sensitivity, less creativity, more male dominance and brutality, etc, etc, etc, and end up with a sick society.

All of that to say, evolution converged on the existing presets because they're an optimal balance between survival interests. The result? Five-to-ten percent gay people. And tampering with this equation could have detrimental effects to our survival, in ways that we can't possibly anticipate.

March 24, 2007 at 11:21 PM  
Blogger The Raging Paradoxidation said...


You and I need to reconnect man; it's been way too long. Go to my profile page, snag my email addy and drop me a line as to how best to contact you.


March 25, 2007 at 12:20 AM  
Blogger The Raging Paradoxidation said...

Back to the topic at hand from me.....

Greg, I would have to say that there would have to be a logical backdrop for what we see today. I would be OK with likening it to a control panel that you mention.

I often here it said that only in countries that have given themselves over to pagan practices do you see rampant homosexuality. I would be ok with assuming that position for the sake of argument here in America, but I would like to see the stats on the other big powers like China and Russia. They are not Christian countries so I would be curious to see what percentage of the population of theirs professes to be gay/lesbian.

Perhaps, in this country which is becoming run more and more by idiots and those who vote them into office, perhaps the increase of this behaviour [or our increased attention to it] is more for the purposes of population control.

From the religious perspective, I believe that this is ultimately a very difficult issue for Calvinistic Christians and their pursuit of apologetics and "logic." They believe that there are certain individuals that are predestined unto God for salvation. They also believe that there are those who are predestined by God for destruction. Yet the funny thing is that they hold those who are seemingly headed for destruction accountable for their lot in life. Or in other words, "well, you might be damned for all of eternity and there's nothing you can do about it, but we're going to treat you like you know better."

If a thing was created for a purpose, then how can it be accountable for not being what it was created for? I can't be mad at my hammer for not being able to give me accurate measurements. I can't hold my pliars accountable for not being able to cut a 2x4 in half for me; they were not created to do those other functions.

The only issue that I still wrestle with is that with most heterosexuals, they don't have to learn that they are straight, but most gays do. While they do eventually find heterosexual relationships to become awkward, it seems to be a much longer process than what seems "natural."

I would also be curious to see what the stats are on any findings of gay animals. Humans may seemingly be the most advanced of species, but life is a hell of a lot more complex for us....which begs the question for me of whether or not we really are the superior species. If we try to do what comes "natural" for every other creature in the universe then we have laws waiting for us that we've created to indict us.

So many trails could be walked on this one.

March 25, 2007 at 8:11 PM  

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