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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I sit

Right now I sit....kind of working......but not, as I wait for a computer to finish updating so that I can then hit the road for my 2 hour trek back to the office to be followed by another 1/2 hour of unpacking and then off to my mother's house for the remainder of the week through the weekend with the rest of my family; we're gonna be snowed in, but not like my buddy Mr. Sanderson out in Salt Lake City who might be buried under 2 feet of the white stuff.

None of these are complaints, mind you. I absolutely love my job as it gives me fulfillment in 3 major areas- 1. I get to maintain my technical mind as I troubleshoot issues and design solutions 2. I get to interact with all types of people whom I believe in what they are doing and 3. I get to travel and do A LOT of driving which fulfills my desire for adventure on the open road.

Between yesterday and today I will have driven a total of around 650 miles for work. I am greatly enjoying the open road and a loaded iPod.

So we are fixin' to get a lot of snow and ice here in the next day or so...makes me wonder if I will be able to even get to work tomorrow or Thursday...I don't care what people say it's Friday I'm in love....oh, sorry not that song.

Last night I did stop in Omaha on my way home and had a nice chat with an old college professor of mine about his journey into mystical Christian spirituality. I am on my own different mystical journey right now but it is very refreshing to know that I am not the only one who feels my struggles with various issues. I don't think there is anything wrong with mysticism as long as one understands that being a mystic automatically puts onesself into a class that will be questioned.

My family has been sick. I hope that they all get better. This is the worst time of year for it because everyone is out and about in all sorts of ways either being sick or carrying parasites with them all through the stores and hills and valleys.

Sometime when I am feeling a little more mentally rested I will do an elaborate post on my current state of enlightenment. For now I have to go check to see how that computer is doing...


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