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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blig Blag Blog

Many moons ago I entered my last post here. I really didn't mean for it to take so long before putting this one up but it just hasn't been as high of a priority for me lately. I even struggled putting this one up.

It's not like I don't have ideas to blog about, because I've got enough of them to choke a camel [though I don't condone the choking of any animals]. I think that it is the matter of not having an Internet connection wet-wired to my brain that is the biggest inconvenience. I really need thought recognition software of some kind that automatically opens a blog session when I have one of those "HAZAH" moments.

I'm not going to go down the roll of everything that I've been up to lately because I am just too bored to get into all that so I am going to break into dream again. I need someone out there to try and give me a meaningful interpretation of what I am dreaming about. Here goes:

Last night I had another dream. In the dream I had a few things creep back up that seem to be recurring patterns.

  1. I am back at the college that I attended 10 years ago but it seems to always be in a different city
  2. I never know what my class schedule is prior to the first day or school and classes having already started 20 minutes ago
  3. On top of getting ready for classes there is also a very high priority for me to get my name out about the business that I run, primarily because I don't want to have a part time job working for someone else. I want to work for myself and make better money at it
  4. Last night's different change up was that I had gotten a haircut. Right now it is about 2 inches past my chin in front and about 4-6 inches below my shoulders in back. In the dream I had just gotten it cut down short enough to do one of those metrosexual spike deals

Why am I always going back to school? What does that mean? And what is significant about it being a specific school?

I think I understand the job deal. I think that makes sense. It might be an affirmation that I long to be self-sufficient.

I'm not totally sure about the haircut part other than the fact that I've been tossing around the idea even while I'm conscious throughout the day. I'll probably keep it though.

So what does all this mean? 

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