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Friday, July 11, 2008

Tons Of Boredom & A Little Time

Today I was really bored and had a little bit of time so I decided to take some surveys over at BeliefNet. Here are some of the results...if you care-

My Spirituality Type-
Spiritual Straddler: One foot in traditional religion, one foot in free-form spirituality

My Faith-
Unitarian Universalist (100%)
New Age (97%)
Mahayana Buddhism (97%)
Neo-Pagan (97%) [I don't like that term]
Liberal Quaker (94%)
Theravada Buddhism (88%)
I'll just leave those as the top 6...

It should also be understood that I have taken that particular survey several times and have gotten varying results each time.

What Element Am I?
Water: You're sensitive and fluid, responding to feelings more than anything else. Dreams, visions, love, and the mysterious attract you. You may be prone to depression, so try to balance your emotions with rationality.

Am I A Hermit?
Though I can be extroverted, I'm also drawn to solitude and stillness at times.

Those were really the only surveys that looked interesting to me. Admittedly I am sure that some of them were baited or really had no way of coming to ultimate conclusions.

Just thought I'd put that 0ut there for today; now discuss amongst yourselves.

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