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Friday, March 7, 2008

No Vote For You!!!

This happy couple to the left is the product of an Iowa judge who, in the heat of the moment, decided to legalize gay marriage in the state of Iowa for about 1 day before he realized what a HUGE decision he made. At the end of the day he then decided to put a stay on his own decision making it not legal again.

The state of Iowa is now trying really really hard to enforce the Defence Of Marriage Act [DOMA] but they are having a tough time with it. Correction- The people of the state of Iowa are having a hard time getting anywhere with it. Why? Because the State Legislature will apparently neither open this topic up for further debate, nor put this out for the people of the state to vote on.

I am not going to use this post to talk about my views on the issue. I am going to use this post to talk about how the state is, once again, taking the final decisions out of the voter's hands and making its own decision. My opinion on the matter isn't as important as my outrage that the voters will not have any say in this. What ever happened to the phrase "by the people, for the people?" Since when does the state have the right to take away the voter's voices?

It is my understanding that most likely the majority of Iowa voters would be against the legalization of gay marriage. If that is the case then the majority vote should speak loud enough to voice that it should not be legalized. If this is then the case, then why would the minority voice of those in charge see ANY permission whatsoever to pass legislation that is completely contrary to the people's wishes?

To me this is no longer an issue of whether or not we should allow gay marriage in the state of Iowa, this is a question of liberty. "Give me liberty or give me.....oh, you don't have any more of that? Then I'll take whatever's left."

When the people start to lose their voice then it's time to start cleaning house. Will anyone be willing to do what is necessary to reclaim their freedoms and responsibilities?

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