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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Puff, Puff, Pass

I feel like I've been doing what this post is entitled. Puff, Puff, Pass. The smoke fills the room, you get that feeling in your body that lets you know that your senses have been dulled a bit and you've got the effects of what you've inhaled yourself directly as well as the additional contact high.

I say all of that tongue-in-cheek because I need something to smooth the insides of my cheeks back out from all of the gnawing on them that I've done watching this 2008 election madness. At this point I am really starting to feel like we might be best off to just go to the zoo and let the animals have a poo flingin' contest. Whoever of them wins then gets a new seat in the oval office.

Let's take a gander shall we?

On the Democratic side we have Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. I am bothered by both of them.

I am bothered by Hillary because of all of the darkness that the Clinton family has behind them. And currently there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not she herself is truly a married lesbian. Let's face it- Bill has even been on record as to what her sexual habits are, and yet no one seems to bring that up, ever. I am not saying that she should be disqualified from the race because of that but with it being such a hot-button issue these days you'd think that it might be a more highly discussed topic.

I am bothered by Barak because no one really seems to know what he stands for. He is assumed to have similar positions to his other Democratic counter parts but no one knows for sure. Here's an example- if you watch the news or opinion poles and people are asked why they support him the general answers are either "because he believes in hope" or "because he is committed to change." Well, what I want to know is what hope and change mean to him. Can anyone tell us that?

So on the Democratic side we'd be looking at two possible "firsts." We'd either be looking at our first Black or Woman/Lesbian president. I personally don't think that Obama's race matters. America can handle it...but what about a woman? I'm not saying that it's too much....neither of them have any military experience either.

Now over to the Republican party.

John McCain is said to possibly be even more liberal than Hillary is. Is this the case? He does seem softer on border policy [he is from a border state] than what the majority of conservatives would like to see. He also wants to continue to fight the "War On Terror." This seems to be a common desire among Republicans. "We started it and we should end it," so goes the chant. He is for gun control, which is not very Republican of him. He is pro-life. Well, I guess there is a lot that goes into this man. He is really what should be called a Moderate. Basically many Republicans don't seem to care for him because he's too close to the left for them than what they would prefer. How then did Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee lose so much support? Perhaps Romney was too polished. Ron Paul may have lacked the experience? Maybe the country is past the point of wanting to mix religion and politics with Huckabee.

McCain seems like he would be a better candidate for an actual third party. Perhaps before it is over he will have a third party following. For right now though he just seems to be rubbing many the wrong direction. Or maybe the Republican party is finally starting to fall apart.

Last, but not least, is Ralph Nader.

This guy always seems to come up out of the woodwork at close to the last minute. I have never really been for him but I have come to expect him to throw in his bid in each election. It seems like the guy has now been a candidate at one level or another in every election since the 70's.

I was checking him out the other night and just wasn't sure what to think. He is pro gay-marriage, pro-choice and pro-socialization of many things. He is anti-corporation, anti-NAFTA, anti-outsourcing, anti-war, anti-overinflated military, anti-gun and many other things.

I felt really conflicted as I read about him because it seemed like for every one thing about him that I liked there was something there to match with a negative mark. I really wanted to believe that even though this guy never made it in the past that possibly this election he would bring something to the table worth feasting on. I was hoping that we might finally have some reasonable alternative to the bland and sinking two-party system that we've been tied to for so long.

So now here I sit feeling a little discouraged. Up until now I have kind of written off the political process as something that just didn't interest me. This year something is different. This year I was really hoping that there would be a candidate to get excited about. I really wanted to have someone to rally around but I don't know if that's going to be an option. We'll just have to roll with the punches and get our rations as they are given.

Something about this point in our nation's life just feels so much like it was 1984.

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