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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xmas Eve Cubed

For me, songwriting is something like breathing: I just do it. But that doesn't mean you're fantastic.- Adam Duritz

I think that in some regards that I used to be a songwriter. Perhaps it might be even more accurate to say that I used to write a variety of lyrics to mediocre music that I somehow sludged together.

I know that every artist is their own worst critic but the thing that I hate so much about my music is that I either like the music and hate the words or I like the words and hate the music. Or I start out trying to write something of my own and then just end up playing a medley of tunes by someone else.

Adam Duritz has been and is currently probably my favourite singer/songwriter. So many of the songs that he has written so easily make up what I feel could be the soundtrack of my life. I also really love singing along to the songs as well, but I think that maybe that is just as far as I should ever take it...and when I am alone.

I think that of all the mediums out there that just plain and simple writing fits me best. I can sit and think and let the thoughts pour from my head, down my neck and through my arms. When I am writing a story or a blog I can paint a picture or tell a story in a clear and concise way; almost like being able to let the reader experience the same things that are in my head at the time that I pounded it out. Song writing is so much different for me though. I often feel by the end of trying to write something new that I have finally lost any complete sense of what I set out to talk about.

I love to be able to collaborate with others in their music. I have fun trying to provide the complimentary parts to their already great works, but in no way do I have any supplemental value.

Although I also really like to write I just don't really have the time. I was thinking about putting together some kind of pseudo-fictional account of various things that happened to me in High School and College, and I may still get around to that someday, but then the other issue that I have [much like my audioblog] is the question of who would even care?

So, how's that for a crappy and meaningless post?

Come back later and I will have more material of a little better substance.

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